Advisory Committee
ZHANG Zhongpeng
Director of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE)
Harald Dittmar
Managing Director of the German Federation BDIH Vice-chair of Regulatory and Quality Working Group, European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers
Eight Reasons Not to Miss the Summit
  • Authoritative interpretation of market entry and supervision regulatory updates for functional food and dietary supplement markets around the world, such as US, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, and China

  • Comprehensive Analysis of dietary structure and nutritional characteristics to grasp the inspirations for product development

  • Market analysis and industry data of global functional food industry, especially in North America, European Union and ASEAN region

  • Discussions on popular functional ingredient and latent profit pointsin to achieve win-win cooperation with functional food products manufacturers

  • Optimal business strategies and distribution channels in the nutraceutical market gained from insights into consumer behavior

  • Emphasis on health product innovations such as sports nutrition products, functional water, food supplements, functional dairy and consumer health products to fulfill with the changing market demands

  • Diversified consumer expectations for functional foods and supplements with explorations on future trends and potential opportunities

  • Opportunity for companies to identify potential partners and boost their business

We Offer Insights On:
  • Day One
    - Regulatory and Policy Updates
    - Mature and Emerging Markets
    - Popular Functional Ingredients
    - Business Development & Distribution Channels

  • Day Two
    - Consumer Insights & Marketing Innovations
    - Popular Product Trends
    - Expectations for Health & Wellness Products

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Beijing, China
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